HOW TO END AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP, IN A HEALTHY WAY ?    Relationships ! We have all been in some relationships for a long time. Some of them come out         as a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP  and some are UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.   “Relationship” is a thing which we all require for a good […]

From A Carefree Girl To A Care Full Mother


From A Carefree Girl To A Care Full Mother   “MOTHER”…Umm Sounds like one has given birth to a baby. And now she is a mother. But for a girl, to be a mother, it takes a lot and that a lot is enough to turn her life upside down.   My journey   Yeah..! […]

“Well done women” Ahh!


Blog post   “Well done women” Ahh! Seems like, here we are going to talk about women’s achievements, and only women will be interested in that, right?  But it’s going to be beyond that.  This blog is for all men and women,(this blog belongs to each and every person of the society) who values the […]