Relationships ! We have all been in some relationships for a long time. Some of them come out         as a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP  and some are UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.


Relationship” is a thing which we all require for a good living being in our life. In this we have a person with whom we can share our love, care, problems, happiness, success, failure and everything.




A relationship is a good one and a healthy one, when two people share a very good understanding of each other’s feelings and emotions.

No matter how many problems  they have in their lives, they face it all together.


Here I am going to talk about love relationships, what are the problems people are facing in their love relationships these days and how they can solve their relationship issues. Also if they are not able to solve their issues, then how should they end it, in a healthy way.


  • Efforts 

Searching for a good  life partner, you give all your best. You spend your time, money ,emotions and everything for the one, who is going to be your true soulmate, RIGHT ?


And once you are done, with the process of finding your love, You feel like, now here is the new chapter of happiness in your life, begins now.

  • You give your best 

And then you start living your life with your soulmate, you share all your problems, fears, happiness, success, sadness, emotions and your secrets with your partner.

You spend time with your partner, enjoy with your partner and feel satisfied and happy.




What happens actually, initially we all put 100% effort into our partners, to make them feel special and happy. And to make our relationship healthy.But as the time passes we start taking our relationships for granted,we stop making efforts for each other ,as earlier. We stop spending time with each other and slowly we even start losing interest in each other. Am I RIGHT?

See, it’s the human tendency to lose interest in everything, once we get what they want.

It all happens because we feel satisfied after achieving what we want and our mind gets relaxed after getting it, and then we get careless from that side.




Once you lose interest in each other, your relationship takes an unhealthy turn, you stop taking interest in each other, and here your understanding gets spoiled.

You stop understanding each other’s problems, feelings, pains and emotions.

And sometimes, you might even start taking interest in someone else, whom you feel like he/she is understanding you during this unhealthy time of your relationship.




See, you should try to fix this unhealthy phase of your relationship, when you feel like your partner is also stressed and unhappy with this, and after talking with your partner, you get to know that both of you want to fix it.

                                                Image source: istockphoto


You need to do this for fixing it :

  • Go out with your partner
  • Spend a healthy time together
  • Cherish your old memories
  • Talk about the issues and feelings of each other
  • Spend some romantic time together

                                                                Image source: istockphoto



But when the relationship is getting abusive and violent, and only you are trying to fix it except all these negativity in it.Then trust me there is no point in holding it back. because no matter what, and how many efforts you will put to make it work again. The other person is not going to make it healthy, because it is the indication that the other one has decided to end it.

And if you try to fix it, then it’s going to harm your mental health and emotions.

I know that letting go of your love is painful. But holding an unhealthy  and violent relationship is going to ruin your soul, mental health and self respect.



Give time to yourself, do not misbehave with your partner, once you understand that it’s not going to be back to normal again. So try to have a healthy conversation with your partner.Tell him/her about your feelings, and also tell him/her that, you understand now that it’s not going to work anymore, so you are going to end it now. no more discussions on problems, because when you know that there is no understanding between you guys now, what is the point of discussing? It will lead to chaos only.

Doing this is going to make you and your soul feeling relaxed and happy, AND it will be a very healthy way for both of you to leave and end this unhealthy relationship.


One thing you need to tell yourself, you are worth more than this unhealthy relationship, you deserve far more better than this, your life doesn’t end here, it’s just a beginning” so move on with a smile”.


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