From A Carefree Girl To A Care Full Mother


From A Carefree Girl To A Care Full Mother


“MOTHER”…Umm Sounds like one has given birth to a baby. And now she is a mother. But for a girl, to be a mother, it takes a lot and that a lot is enough to turn her life upside down.


My journey


Yeah..! earlier I used to be a carefree fun loving working girl. Who used to ride bikes , hang out with friends, and always tries to look stylish even while wearing simple clothes .THEN I GOT MARRIED. And later on I became a mother of a cute little princess.


                                                  Image  New mother Delivering took a lot . It changed my body completely. Rashes on my body, overweight, loosening teeth , because of delivery pain n pressure etc. 

It was like, I could not identify myself for some time. I was not accepting my body. It was not me anymore.  


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But after seeing a little sweetheart, I felt like “it is all worth it for” this tiny creature.                                                                                                                                           Beautiful phase Since then, my life has taken a drastic change. I realised, being a mom is not going to be an easy task at all. You have to be active all the time, for your baby, no matter whether you have had rest or not, whether you have slept or not or even whether you have eaten anything or not. Despite of all tiredness and weakness in your body, all moms can stay attentive and active for their babies.Because the touch n smile of the baby, gives us strength and energy for taking care for them, that is the real beauty of motherhood that after all the difficulties, every mother plays their role happily. Being a mother is a thing only superman is expected to do…And now I am the ONE..   Because right now, while I am writing this article, my 2 yr old baby is sitting on my lap and trying to type something in place of me….    

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